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    Furnace Cleaning Special $68.95

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    Congratulations Indiana Fever 2012 WNBA Champions!!!

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    Do You Want To Know More About The HVAC Products And Services Available From Swift Air Mechanical? Check Out These Heating And Cooling Resou

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    Your HVAC system makes comfortable indoor living possible year round. Find out more about maintaining your heating and cooling system, air duct cleanings, energy-efficient products, and HVAC services by exploring the following links.

    • If you’re unsure about having your air ducts cleaned, read this article from NPR to learn exactly what dust is made of.
    • For additional information on air duct cleaning, take a look at this page from
    • Are you in the market for a new Energy Star air conditioner? Look to for information on Energy Star air conditioners.
    • Did you know that leaky windows and doors could be wasting your home’s heating and cooling energy? Visit this link to to learn more.
    • A dehumidifier can reduce the risk of mold growth in your home. Get the facts on mold and your health from the CDC.

    At Swift Air Mechanical, Inc., we take great pride in our work. We strive to offer our customers the best products available and the most comprehensive diagnoses of HVAC problems. Call us today at (317) 364-4045 for more information about home energy audits, energy-efficient air conditioners, and HVAC maintenance.

    The Advantages of Using Energy Star Appliances

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The Energy Star rating is like a badge of honor for many manufacturers. It’s not exactly easy to get this rating, especially for major home appliances like central air conditioners. It takes ingenuity and resolve to create an energy-efficient appliance that meets the strict standards of the government’s Energy Star program. Those that do make the grade offer numerous benefits for homeowners:

    Higher Energy Savings
    Heating and cooling are often responsible for about half of a home’s overall energy use. Energy Star-rated appliances help curb those costs because they’re held to a higher standard in terms of energy efficiency. One example of these standards can be seen in the SEER rating, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio, of Energy Star air conditioners. Older air conditioners have an average SEER rating of around six. New Energy Star-rated models must have a rating of 13 or above, with some reaching SEER ratings above 20.

    Lower Environmental Impact
    The use of Energy Star appliances has made a substantial positive impact on the environment. According to, in 2010 alone, Americans prevented the equivalent of 33 million cars’ greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere with the help of Energy Star appliances. By switching to an Energy Star-certified air conditioner, you can lower your carbon footprint with very little effort.

    Certified Quality Appliances
    It seems like everyone wants to jump on the “green” bandwagon these days, and it can be hard to tell if you’re buying an appliance that’s actually energy efficient. Energy Star ratings take away that uncertainty. Every Energy Star-qualified appliance has been rigorously tested by government entities to verify its energy efficiency.

    To choose from a variety of energy efficient heating and cooling appliances, including those with Energy Star ratings, contact Swift Air Mechanical, Inc. We strive to offer only the best products with an emphasis on customer choice. We also offer air conditioning repair and maintenance services for all kinds of air conditioners, young and old. Call our Indianapolis office today at (317) 547-5355 for more information.

    Why You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned by a Professional

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The surfaces in your house can collect pounds of dust each year. Without regular cleanings, your air ducts may be contributing to and circulating that dust. Consider a professional duct cleaning to improve your home’s air quality. Read below to learn more about the benefits of professional air duct cleanings.

    Clear the Air
    Duct cleaning services remove the dirt, dust, debris, and allergens in your duct system so that they don’t end up in your air. Substances like these gather and settle over time, becoming airborne when the HVAC unit starts up. The substances blown around throughout the duct system will either end up in the air or get stuck in the grills of your distribution vents. A professional duct cleaning uses powerful suction methods to remove the particles that would otherwise end up in your air.

    Protect Your Health
    Duct cleanings also improve your indoor air quality and reduce your chances of suffering negative health effects that are a result of poor indoor air quality. The air inside a home is often more polluted than that of the air outside, so regular cleaning practices are essential.

    Improve HVAC Efficiency
    All the dirt and debris inside your ducts can also end up in the various components of your heating and cooling system. This is especially true for the air filter, which may soon become overwhelmed with particles and reduce air conditioner performance and efficiency. A professional air duct cleaning also provides a chance for an HVAC specialist to spot potential trouble spots and leaks in your duct system that are causing your HVAC system to waste energy.

    Swift Air Mechanical, Inc. is here to help you enjoy a cleaner, healthier home environment with professional duct cleanings. Choose us for our 16 years of experience in the Indianapolis area and our 100% customer service guarantee. We also perform air conditioner maintenance and repair services. To talk to one of our team members, call (317) 547-5355.

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