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Do You Want to Control the Level of Humidity In Your Home? Here's How!

Last updated 5 years ago

While your air conditioner or heater can keep your home at the perfect temperature, it cannot control the humidity in your home. Too much humidity in a home encourages mold growth, while too little might leave you with itchy skin and a dry throat. Luckily, there are solutions to control the humidity in your home:
Install a Whole-House Humidifier
A whole-house humidifier can be attached to your supply or return ducts, where it will distribute the amount of humidity you desire throughout your home. A sensor on the humidifier detects when humidity levels fall below the chosen level, and the humidifier brings in and distributes extra moisture from a nearby water line. Whole-house humidifiers are the solution for homes that constantly have overly dry air. 
Consider a Dehumidifier
If excess moisture is your problem, a dehumidifier is your solution. High levels of indoor humidity can add enough excess moisture to your home environment to support mold growth. Mold is not something any homeowner wants, as the fungal spores released by mold may be a health hazard. High humidity levels also make a home less comfortable—floors may feel sticky, mildew smells may arise around the home, and allergies may become aggravated.

Ventilate Your Home
You can also better control humidity levels in your home by ventilating certain rooms that produce moisture when used, like the kitchen and the bathroom. If you have a fan in the bathroom, turn it on while you shower and make sure that it stays on for several minutes afterwards. If you don’t have a fan in the bathroom, open a window after you shower. In the kitchen, open a window or turn on the range hood fan while cooking.

At Swift Air Mechanical, Inc., we take a careful approach to helping our customers choose the perfect humidification control products for their home. We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy customers, and back our pride with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call today at (317) 547-5355 for more information on humidifier, air conditioner, and heating system installations, repairs, and services in Indianapolis.


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